Strategic Consulting Services


Scholarly iQ applies its relevant experience and solutions with trusted independent consultant services to advise you with a full strategic data plan, and to identify, selection and implement the best and most suitable technologies, applications and tools for publisher needs, including:

  • SiQ COUNTER Engine
  • Data technology - On-Premise, On-Demand Hosted or Cloud technologies (Hadoop and Redshift)
  • Reporting & analysis tools - Internal and External, .Net, NetInsight, Tableau, QlikView, Looker, Cognos, SUSHI

Example engagements

How can we get more value from usage reporting data?

SiQ provide full data analytics and strategic services including independent assessment of reporting and analysis, and data requirements across stakeholders. SiQ helps usage data work better for your business through:

  • Next day publisher analytics of COUNTER usage data
  • Author royalty reporting
  • Behavioural analytics and optimization
  • Cross-platform reporting
  • Extension of and integration with further reporting parameters including source, author, geo-location,, Unsilo concepts etc

How can we ensure successful implementation of solutions that involve multiple and separate data sources?

SiQ provide audits of current data assets for integration to new data architecture; pre-implementation data reviews and gap analyses and plans for optimal data schemas.

SiQ fulfils implementations through unrivalled technical expertise and consultancy to deliver selected applications and reporting with a 100% on-boarding success rate.

How do we maintain and ensure data integrity?

SiQ provide full business support, maintenance and management of data architecture: distinct customer-dedicated data warehouses with industry leading data governance, service level agreements & response times.

How do we keep up to date or even ahead of industry changes?

SiQ is continuously refining our data architecture, reporting and analytics based on an evolving best practicies strategy.. We provide expertise in both academic publishing and analytics to support corporate owners in the planning and iterative development of future generations of data, analytics and reporting services.