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Business Critical Reporting and Business Insight for Academic Publishers


SiQ has been delivering COUNTER-compliant business-critical reporting and business insight for academic publishers since 2002.

Our team of professionals in online publishing, business intelligence analytics, and data management recommend and implement a wide range of fully independent, flexible and client-focused solutions including SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Redshift, IBM, Tableau, Vertica, QlikView and others.

We continuously develop leading business intelligence and optimization solutions and services, and maintain a strong presence in the industry, actively serving on COUNTER's International Advisory board; participating in NISO's SUSHI developers group and industry conferences.

What's Your Challenge?

How do we handle multiple answers to the same question as internal usage reporting varies from other analytics? We also get external usage and activity from third parties that aren’t in our reports and we can’t trust our data.

Our consolidated reporting from all sources supports multiple preferred reporting tools and publisher-specific, dedicated data warehouses for all sources to provide a unified view and strong data governance. We use a bifurcated approach to data and reporting to provide consistent reports through a variety of tools and applications.
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SiQ is an expert in report generation, distribution and harvesting providing cross-publisher reporting and SUSHI services as well as services to create aggregate usage reporting such as with JUSP, PIRUS 2 and COUNTER 360.