Advanced Usage Analytics and Business Intelligence

Scholarly iQ’s usage data and analytics solutions provide truly trusted and actionable KPIs through the power and flexibility of a web analytics and optimization engine, which fully integrates trusted COUNTER usage and offline data.


Our clients use data-driven insights & decisions powered by industry leading business intelligence services and solutions.

Making trusted, click-level usage data and insight available to business users when they need it enables SiQ customers to make better informed and confident decisions.

SiQ delivers fully flexible, powerful analysis and data management to answer these and many other questions to multiple internal and external stakeholders to help drive success.

Technologies supported by SiQ include SQL, Hadoop, Hive and Redshift for data management technologies as well as .Net, IBM, Tableau, Vertica, QlikView, SFDC and others for reporting applications.

SiQ’s industry leading support levels and data governance ensure that the data remains the publishers’ data, which is not shared or benchmarked with other providers.

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What's Your Challenge?

How can we get more meaning, context and value from our data analysis?

SiQ provides improved segmentation of online users, with unlimited segmentation of raw un-aggregated data for fast, fully flexible, multi-dimensional analysis. Targeted user segments can be easily saved for quick retrieval with no long waits for trial performance statistics.
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Article level metrics include a single dataset of all usage and associated parameters down to the most granular level, including article level metrics and any available attributes provided for those articles (article type, subject, author, source institution, funding body, and so on) for both internal analysis and external reporting such as performance reports to GOA funding bodies. We provide access through fully flexible reporting and analysis, ODBC access and via API (data and charts). SiQ clients use Evidence Based Acquisition Models to trial and close new subscription accounts and have the ability to mine the raw data.

SiQ solutions deliver powerful and intuitive reporting tools. Our on-premise solutions are fully independent with the experience and flexibility to work with the most suitable reporting tools for client requirements such as IBM NetInsight, Cognos, Adobe, QlikView.

Customer support to deliver data to end users in tools they will use—for example, QlikView for high-level dashboards and business intelligence analysis, NetInsight and ODBC access for detailed usage analysis.

Use the power of your data to answer and solve more complex questions as we maintain the most raw, granular level of data available for the most in-depth analysis possible.

Reports support profiling of individuals, whether as users, authors, society members, students or instructors or for ad revenue. Also, reporting and analysis of users is not just by type and by any available associated attribute such as discipline, institution, or qualification, but also against any dimension including behavioral, technical and content.


How do we integrate usage data with other business performance indicators?

SiQ has expertise with integrating usage and financial data from multiple and disparate sources, creating an agreed and trusted single version of the truth. We also have experience hosting on behalf of clients and helping develop in-house architectures and data processes.
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We support cross-platform reporting with flexibility to work with any platform-- HighWire, Silverchair, IDM, Safari, ingenta, or custom platforms.

With over 20 million daily page views, we are fully integrated with over 100 data feeds across multiple publishers, platforms and metadata dimensions to provide next day publisher COUNTER reporting and monthly COUNTER reporting to many thousands of customer accounts. Further, SiQ data management services are helping publishers better understand usage and financial data to develop subscription packages and offers, identify and target at risk accounts, manage royalty payments, budget product developments, make online platforms more accountable and transparent, and optimize ROI.