May 18, 2022

Smarter Business Intelligence for the Open Access Era:
The Advanced Analytics You’re Probably Not Using for Your Editorial, Sales, and Plan S Strategies

How can you use your data for more? The standard for analytics has been to provide COUNTER reports and a SUSHI API to those reports. But there is so much more information that can be drawn out.

Stuart Maxwell, COO at Scholarly iQ, will present on this with Tom Beyer, Platform Services Director at KGL PubFactory, at the Society for Scholarly Publishing 2022. They will describe how information can be revealed for a number of key areas.

In terms of business opportunities, we can compare global or regional usage with actual subscriber data to help focus sales efforts. From subscriber institutions there is turnaway data – what are current subscribers looking at that they don’t currently have access to? – and low usage data – will they renew?

We can also surface metadata associated with, for example, content, subject, content type or collections, to feed back to editorial staff.

Open access content is the other main area, of course. Here, we can improve data value for transformative journals by demonstrating and reporting increases in the proportion of OA research content. We can combine editorial and usage data for reports that provide credible metrics to meet funder requirements.

There are now tools available that enable unauthenticated and unidentified usage to be traced back to the institution so that OA can be compared with subscription usage.

All of this is being brought together to compare usage of new content with historic trends to provide predictive modelling for evidence of OA value – a brave future for business intelligence.

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